Welcome Leaders!

You are part of something big.

Imagine linking arms and hearts with leaders all over the world, joining in a movement to change the landscape of the future. That’s what you do every time you invite moms into a place of welcome and love; a place where women can hear stories and see Jesus lived out right in front of them.

Leader Training and Certification – Become MOPS Leader Certified!

This online, video-based training for every leader will develop your leadership skills. Start with our All About MOPS course. It’s the starting point no matter how long you’ve been a leader! This course will take less than 40 minutes to complete at, at the end, you’ll be a certified MOPS leader.

After you become MOPS Leader Certified, select the next course you are interested in and keep growing your skills in practical team and personal leadership. This is your chance to grow beyond your current leadership. These key leadership principles can be applied both in and out of your MOPS group.

Watch videos about problem-solving, handling a conflict, managing crisis, and sharing Jesus. Work at your own pace and we’ll be here to cheer you on!

So, Leader, let’s get started!

Select your course, watch the short videos and follow the action steps. There is no time frame, go at your own pace. You can see your course progress, pause anywhere you’d like to take a break and then pick right up where you left off the next time you sign in.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to this training site (using the same log-in and password you use to access our Leader’s website).
  2. If you are the leader of a New Group, you must complete our courses that line up with the kind of group you lead. Once you finish those courses, you can start our Leader Certification courses.
  3. If you are a leader of an existing group or have completed the New Leader courses, you can click on any of the course names to see all the videos that are included.
  4. Start watching! You can pick the lessons you are most interested in or complete the entire course to become MOPS Leader Certified and receive a certificate of completion. While we suggest you complete the lessons in order, it is not required (unless otherwise noted).

You set the pace and we’ll be here to help along the way.

As you learn, connect with others in our MOPS Leader Community…