Leading MOMSnext

If you are a MOMSnext leader, begin with our Leader Certification course called “All About MOPS.”  Whether you’re new to leadership or have been leading for a while, this course covers the things that make MOPS, well – MOPS!  After you finish that course, let’s look at the unique audience that MOMSnext addresses.

MOMSnext is a community of moms with children past the preschool years. It is a part of MOPS but is geared toward a unique audience. MOMSnext meets everywhere – sometimes alongside a MOPS group, often on its own.

Unlike MOPS groups where moms are newly in the throes of motherhood, MOMSnext moms are in the rhythm of parenting. However as their children grow, they are encountering new and specific parenting challenges. They are in a phase of personal growth where they may have more freedom to pursue professional or personal interests now that their kids are older.

The larger questions that should be addressed in these groups are: What’s your next? And how does God play a part in it?