Be a Resource

This lesson is not video based, but it requires some thought and action on your part.

As a Mentor in a MOPS or MOMsnext group, the relationship you have with your Leadership Team is key to a healthy group. If you are wondering about your place in your group or on the Team, start asking some questions so you can invest well in the lives of the moms around you. Follow these steps and get started today:

Pray for your Leadership Team. Write their names down and list the things you’d like to pray over them for the year.

Make a list of your strengths. What unique things to you bring to your MOPS group? Be ready to share them with the Leadership Team.

Ask the Coordinator of your group to meet with you. We’ve given you a few topics below to consider. As you are thinking through your role as a Mentor, have your own answers ready for these questions, but listen to the Coordinator’s ideas as well.

  • What do you consider my role in this group?
  • What do you consider my role in the Leadership Team meetings?
  • How can I help make the moms in our group feel more welcome?
  • How can I best be involved in the meetings?
  • What role can I play in connection with moms outside our meetings?
  • How can I best support the Leadership Team?
  • How can I advocate for our group in our church?

Let your Leadership Team, your church and the moms in your group know you are committed to investing well in your MOPS group.