Having Difficult Conversations

Who doesn’t love to talk about conflict? Most of us! But we have three tips to consider when we find ourselves in the midst of conflict and needing to have a conversation with about it.

You can listen to this information in its entirety in Episode 96 of Connections: The Podcast or you can watch the clips below. To listen: click HERE or find MOPS Leaders wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

However you listen, remember that even though most of us don’t love conflict, if you go into it believing the best about the other person it becomes less about the issue and more about the person. That’s what’s important. We wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t care. If we enter into conversations believing it is more about the person and less about the issue, then we can handle it in a way that allows everyone to walk away feeling heard, seen and valued – and that is a good conversation.

Tip One: Identify the Issue (4:00)

Tip Two: Determine the Need (4:14) 

Tip Three: Conversation Commitments (8:05)

Difficult Conversation Scenarios